Farewell to Thirteen?!

On Sunday afternoon there was a pennant race in aid of the RNLI which is usually sailed around the lake. As the sun shone, the wind picked up over the lunch hour (60mph gust according to the new weather station in the Clubhouse!), but with the wind blowing from the West the competitors were liable to suffer from some interesting downdraughts as the wind passed over Sale Fell.

It seems that drifting boats being passed by boats with helm and crew hanging out were the least of the problems during the race. Mark 10 was stated to be so far out of position that some helms never spotted it at all! Paul Burnell took advantage of its position and sailed up the middle of the lake to pass Mike Moore and Ian Campbell while they sat in a hole. Steve Hunt secured a massive lead only to find a calm patch at 13. However, he must have made good time on the way back, because when the results were calculated on a fleet handicap basis, his 6 minute lead was sufficient to win him the race.

Ian Campbell ‘enjoyed’ the experience so much he vowed to cherish it and never sail down the lake again!

Final results


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1 Pts
 1    1210  S HUNT        RS400        1   1
 2    3521  P BURNELL     FF           2   2
 3    3473  M MOORE       FF           3   3
 4    3560  I CAMPBELL    FF           4   4
 5  167828  I MACPHERSON  LAS          5   5
 6   69960  M CHAPPEL     MS           6   6
 7   13118  V BELL        GP           7   7
 8   13176  D LAWSON      GP           8   8
 9   13013  J SEDGWICK    GP           9   9
10    1125  JoHALLIDAY    RS400       10  10
11       1  TBA           TOP         11  11
12    2324  R BLACKBURN   LARK       RTD  13

                     Points for RTD = 13
                     Points for DSQ = 13
                     Points for DNS = 13

 1 races to count