Tinkering About

At the end of the Whitsun break, and with all the glorious weather, a lot of sailors were obviously tinkering about at somewhere other than the club!

Those that did sail enjoyed some good racing. Toggle Cowan took to the helm for a change, sailing the first race with his wife Joan, and then the final race under the watchful eye of Robin Dawson – If only Toggle had listened to his helm he wouldn’t have been at the centre of so much ribbing – Toggle became a master at close rounding of marks, so much so that he is now the proud co-owner of a multi coloured boat! (i.e. coloured with paint that matches some of those marks he rounded so closely). Ken Bell did query whether competitors were allowed to move marks as well as the race officer, but Toggle assures us he did do turns for each of the marks that he came into contact with!

As the results show, only two boats sailed all four races and therefore were in the running for the Tinker Trophy this year – John Halliday in an RS400 and Jim Christie in a Vortex. Jim sailed consistently to take the trophy – so will he be at this year’s prize giving, or will he be ‘doing his hair’?


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1    1140  J CHRISTIE    VORTEX       2   1   1   1   5
 2    1125  JoHALLIDAY    RS400        3   2   6   4  15
 3   13118  V BELL        GP         DNS DNS   4   2  28
 4   13733  A HODGKINS    GP           4 DNS   3 DNS  29
 5  913791  M COWAN       GP         DNS DNS   5   3  30
 6  170613  S DUNNETT     LAS          1 DNS DNS DNS  34
 7   13142  R HODGKINS    GP         DNS DNS   2 DNS  35
 8       4  P DILLON      TOP        DNS DNS DNS   5  38
 9   66942  J FERGUSON    LAS        DNS DNS DNS RTD  40
10    2324  R BLACKBURN   LARK       DNS DNS RTD DNS  41

                     Points for RTD =  5   3   8   7
                     Points for DSQ =  5   3   8   7
                     Points for DNS = 11

 4 races to count