55th AGM

At the 55th AGM, held on Sunday 3rd December,  Steve Hunt gave up his vices (or so we’re led to believe) and was elected Commodore for the forthcoming year. After successfully organising the NSSA Regatta this year, Dave Nicholson was elected as vice commodore (he should find organising Bass Week a breeze in comparison!)

At the meeting a discussion took place regarding subscriptions for the forthcoming season. A motion to keep them at current levels was defeated and it was agreed that subscriptions should be increased in line with inflation and set as follows

Ordinary/Associate Member £139.00
Affiliated Member £56.00
Family Member £63.00
Junior Member £25.00
Senior Member £97.00
Country Member £67.00
Launch Fee (Payable for each boat) £22.50

With Hugh Godfrey (aided and abetted by Rhonwen Bryce) stepping down after three years, Roy Blackburn was elected into the post of Hon Sailing Secretary. Also stepping down were Alan Nicholson and Robin Dawson. Toddy (alias Dave Todhunter) and Bridget (alias Jose Hodgkins) were elected to fill the roles of boats & buoys chair, and PRO respectively.

Alan Smith was elected into son Tim’s role as Mirror fleet captain.

After much discussion, and a little confusion, the rule regarding junior membership was amended in accordance with the following:

Delete clauses 3A viia and viib and substitute
“3A vii – Junior family members being persons prior to their 18th birthday or 23rd birthday if still undergoing full time education. There shall be no lower age limit for junior family members. For persons under 16, junior family membership allows and requires one non sailing parent or guardian to supervise the junior family member at all times during their attendance at the club.
Junior family members shall be automatically transferred to ordinary or associate membership on the 31st December following their 18th birthday or 23rd birthday if still undergoing full time education.”

Discussion followed regarding fleet composition, and the way ahead, but at present there are no proposals for change. The new sailing secretary will consider the situation next season and report back to members.

As the meeting closed, Trustee Herb Telford gave a vote of thanks to the retiring Commodore Mik Chappell.