58th Annual General Meeting

At the AGM approx 40 members voted on the following

  • To adopt the minutes of 57th AGM
  • To adopt the Hon Treasurer’s accounts for the year ending 30th September 2009
  • After some discussion, Council’s recommendation to leave subscriptions unchanged were challenged and it was proposed that they should increase by 3%. However, as the majority vote for the amendment was less than 75% of those voting, the amendment does not stand, and the subscriptions will remain the same for the forthcoming season.
  • To elect the officers of the club
    Commodore – Dave Nicholson
    Vice Commodore – Stephen Kirkpatrick
    Rear Commodore – Stephen Hunt
    Hon Secretary – Pauline Nicholson
    Hon Treasurer – Dave Lawson
    Hon Sailing Secretary – Roy Blackburn
  • To elect council of the club
    Lucy Cowen, John Prestidge and Alan Waugh stepped down and were thanked for their help and efforts
    Becky Dawson, Andrea Kirkpatrick and Nick Orton were newly voted on to council along with the remainder of the outgoing council
  • Claire Garrison was elected Hon Auditor
  • The existing fleet captains were re-elected
  • It was agreed to amend rule 3 (A)iii to read:
    “Family members being the husband, wife, or child of an Ordinary member, Associate member, Life member, Country, or Senior member………………”
  • It was agreed to replace bye-law 4 to read
    “Camping (in tents, caravans or motor homes) shall only be undertaken in the Clubs grounds on specific days nominated by the Council. Those days nominated for camping will be detailed in the current years handbook and, where relevant, in Bass Week and Open meeting literature (with amendments posted on the Club notice board). Some camping days will be for tents only. Camping in the Clubs grounds at any other time is not permitted”
  • It was agreed to amend Rule 6 Clause (1) ii. to read
    “Other persons elected………”
  • It was agreed to delete Rule 6 Clause (1) iii.
  • After considerable discussion, a proposal to amend Rule 12 was defeated

There followed an open discussion on various matters stemming from the following points

a) Does the Club racing programme support close racing and help sailors improve?

b) Does our taster session/training scheme directly feed into the Club’s racing programme and provide a logical step up from training to racing and is this what the Club wishes to happen?

No answers were determined, but it was accepted that class racing helps improve sailors racing skills