7/8 May

Unusually, Saturday’s forecast for light winds proved to be accurate, resulting in a small turnout of eight boats for the next races in the MJM series.

Shortly after the start, the wind eased, so the race was shortened at the end of the first lap, but the lead boats were happy to wait while Oliver persevered to complete the lap in his Tera. On handicap Mike/Jack in a Graduate won, followed by Phil/Oscar in RS200

Although the northerly wind was still very light, as numerous boats had waited for another race, it seemed it would be a shame if it didn’t happen, so as soon as Oliver finished the new start sequence commenced.

Alan/Sue in a GP, and Eric in a Mirror, started but, with little prospect of the wind returning, they soon opted to retire to shore. Though the first beat was half that of the previous race, it still took Mike/Jack 14 mins to reach the windward mark! Very soon afterwards a light breeze came in from the east creating the second beat on a three leg course! With the boats still being grouped close together, they were sent round for another lap. Fortunately the wind held, but it continued to swing finally resulting in a southerly. Mike/Jack took their second win of the day, with Ian Hall 2nd

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Sunday started with a SE breeze and an OD keen to set a course to 12! Though it did not happen, the sailors still enjoyed some good sailing in an unusally steady wind. Angus/Mike in a F15 led the fleet around the course, but were beaten on handicap by Joe in his Laser.

During the lunch break, the wind strengthened, and white horses appeared, only to disppear to leave fickle airs for a while. When setting out to start the next race, the OD noted the wind was steadier down the lake, so set 10 as a windward mark, seemingly to the dismay of Andy in a Solo! However, despite a 25 min beat, the fleet enjoyed more great sailing conditions to blow away the odd cobweb.

Angus/Mike led the handicap fleet again, and won on handicap 21 secs ahead of Andy, with Mike/Jack in their Graducate 3rd.

In the GPs, Val/Ken had two wins, with AJ/Sue 2nd in both races which was sufficient to maintain their lead in the series.

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