Almost Mid Summer – No evidence at Bass – Night Jar 8

Thursday evening was, yet again, unseasonal with grey skies and a chilly westerly force 3 breeze. Is it really the Summer Solstice this weekend? The OD decided on a figure of eight course for a change. 0-9-B-A was the order of the day for the twelve competing boats.

Alex and Olivia took an early lead in their 200 with Joan and Jack leading the pursuit from the fellow GP’s of Val & Ken and AJ and Sue. Mike’s Streaker was also in the mix. Into the second lap and gaps were extending between most of the boats. The exception being the Toppers of David Roger and Rosie Hogg which were in close company throughout although David eventually got the upper hand.

It was decided to finish the second half of the fleet after 2 laps and Harry in the Aero was first to receive the horn ahead of Jon Anson’s Radial and the 200 of Jeff Tweddle / Mike Siddall. Josh Hunter who had started late in his Topper was finished on one lap.

On lap 3 Alex / Olivia extended their lead with a plane on the broad kite leg into B and they finished ahead of the GP fleet’s lady helms. That plane had swung it their way and they were just classified first on FH ahead of Joan / Jack.

AJ / Sue took the win on PH ahead of Joan /Jack and they move into the series lead. However, Mike retains his prime place in the FH series.

Back ashore, there were appetising smells from the Galley. Also, a number of Bass’ potential Swallows & Amazons film stars recounting their experiences from the selection get-together earlier in the day. We wait to hear the final outcome of which of them will be playing the sailing roles.

Latest results – FH PH