Another Sunny Saturday

October is here, the autumn is setting in, but with the sun shining again, there was a fleet of 15 boats across various fleets for the first races in the Autumn Saturday series. 

Alex took the lead in his RS100, but failed to properly note down the course so was keen to double check it as he pass the committee boat! Neil’s Laser sail was somewhat floppy as he forgot to put battens in it!

Bob managed to get entangled on the committee boat’s anchor warp – AJ was keen to point out that he had never done that. Watch this space!

There were occasional planing conditions, but generally the wind was relatively light with the inevitable wind shifts to contend with. It was good to see Joan/Jack back on the water (for the first race at least), and they haven’t lost their form finishing 3rd on handicap.

Alex’s strong performance, earned him two wins on fleet handicap. Mike/Kayla and Dave/Lynn each had a 2nd position. On personal handicap, Alex took the first win ahead of Joan/Jack, while Mike Cave won the second race, with Bob Gate 2nd

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Sunday had a forecast of high winds which would increase  through the day, and that is what happened. Though there was a good breeze when sailors arrived, various  persuaded themselves it was best to use smaller Laser Radial sails, or in Paul’s case Topper sails! The wind did increase even by the time racing was underway.

With no OD to hand, racing was started from the finish line transit at the race office. The simple, trapezoidal course, was no appreciated by Mike/Kayla because there was a true dead run, and without using a spinnaker they were nose diving from time to time. The gusty conditions were too much for all the single handers as they all capsized, as did Val/Ken.

The heavy keel on Mike/Kayla’s F15 worked to their advantage in the heavy winds, enabling them to win by 40 secs on handicap ahead of Dave/Lynn in their GP. Having caught up with Val/Ken when they capsized, AJ/Sue were disappointed that they had to sail one more lap so retired.

Although the wind seemed to settle over lunch, the sailors had warmed up, got comfortable, and opted not to venture out again, so it was an early finish and home.

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Next weekend the annual F15 team racing event takes place starting at 1pm. Club racing will run as usual, starting at 2.30pm.