Another Sunny Saturday

The sun was shining again, and some sailors were surprised that there was a southerly to boot! 16 boats set off in great conditions but halfway through the first lap the wind eased as it swung slowly to the SW. Sailors had to decide which side of the beat would get the wind first. As the wind from the south came back in, boats took the 90 degree header, and waited for the strength to increase again. Those that were on the right hand side of the course lost out most. Although Neil and Judith led the fleet across the line, it was Dave and Lynn that won on both FH and PH basis, with Neil 2nd on FH and Joan and Jack 2nd on PH.

The wind was more consistent from the south for the 2nd race, and the beat somewhat one sided. Joan and Jack trawled their spinnaker and headed home early. Mike and Kayla fought their way past Neil, but it was to be Dave and Lynn that took another win.

Sunday morning was wet and windy, with white horses due to the wind funnelling through the Scarness narrows. No-one really wanted to put their head above the parapet to say they were definitely going sailing. Eventually the three GP sailors went out to assess the weather and gave it a cautious thumbs up. If they had waited another minute it might have been a definite thumbs down as one of the wicked squalls passed through!

With the Bates out of operation, a shore start meant the race management team were protected from the weather (but not the swarm of blue bottles) in the race office. The gusty conditions led to discretion being the better part of valor especially regarding flying spinnakers! Mike and Kayla won on FH by the briefest of margins ahead of Dave and Lynn, and Val won the PH race.

Over lunch the wind continued to abate and the sun was out yet again for the afternoon race. With Dave taking 1st place on FH, and Mike/Eric 2nd, Mike/Kayla had to make do with 3rd.

Having opted not to sail, Joan and Jack’s lead in each series has diminished, but they do still lead.

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