April Snow Showers?!

A cold day due to the northerly breeze but the various spells of sunshine made everyone feel so much more comfortable. Across the lake there were various snow showers from time to time. Mike came prepared for the cold weather though, he was in his wolly jumper, despite wearing it inside out and back to front!

The weekend’s racing is a fleet handicap series of five races for the MJM Trophy and Asymmetric Cup. Back from his travels, Zefer was back crewing with Scumper and somewhat tickled to discover a broom head tangled in the running gear for the wing wangs – not surprising they hadn’t been working very well last week!

The wind proved to be variable in both strength and direction, resulting in very biased start lines for each race. The first race was a struggle for boats to cross the line on starboard, and the second race had a couple of boats over, though Mike/Eric failed to return.

The occasional holes in the wind were frustrating and challenging, and places were readily gained or lost.

Banter rides side saddle

Sunday started off sunny, which again made the cold wind more comfortable. The wind was just about as shifty as Saturday so beats came and went, and, unusually, one reach turned into a beat briefly!

The asymmetric fleet were caught out by one shift which caused another biased start line, and resulted in three of the four starters to be over the line. They all returned eventually!

The wind freshened as the day went on, resulting in various capsizes, and a blown out F15 spinnaker (not a good start to the racing season for John and Tim). With three races scheduled, numbers dwindled as time passed, and various crews were pleased to hear the final finishing signal.

Final results MJM/Asymmetric Cup