Autumn Saturday Series

A fair number of potential competitors turned up at the Club with the intention of racing but rapidly changed their minds when they saw what foul winds Bass’ micro-climate had delivered. These included Ian & Tim, Paul & Vicky and Hon treasurer to name but a few.  AJ / Sue said maybe but opted out when their Geep nearly blew over with only the jib up! Paul G’s Radial went one better by taking off and turning over on the slipway.

So we had three boats in the pre-start area for Race 1.  This was reduced to two when the kicking strap on Hugh’s Vareo came adrift.  It left the two Pauls – Gannon & Clark – to take the start in their Radials. PG had a capsize on the beat but, as PC took what he described as an Asymmetric course on the next leg, the return to the finish was close with PC nosing it by 8 seconds.  Yes, it was only 1 lap!

Both helms fancied (?) a second race.  PC took an early lead which extended when PG had a number of further capsizes.  To his credit he continued to the finish, and on being asked after how he felt, said he urgently needed a bag of chips.  Hey ho!

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