Balmy Summer Evenings

They may seem like a distant memory at present, but the Thursday evening Night Jar series started last night. 

It was forecast to be light and mainly northerly.  Well, the forecasters were right on the first count but, for an hour or more before the 1915 hour start time, the wind was swinging through all points of the compass.  At least there were clear skies.

The Race Officer decided to go out and try and set a line.  And yes, it was a northerly beat.  By bringing A south of, and near to B and by laying the start line between them, B-3-A seemed to be the best bet.  But then the wind went west and the nine competing boats had a beam reach followed by a run. 

Mike Fairlamb led the fleet in his Streaker with Alan Jones second in the GP.  It was flat at 3 but most boats struggled round onto another reach as the wind went back to the north . The exception was Louise Roger in her Topper who had dropped behind after a slow first leg.  Julie Tomkinson / Melanie Clapham in the Laser 4000 also struggled with the rounding.   With the wind holding  at that point it was decided to send most boats around for a second lap, the exceptions being Tasha Todhunter in her Laser and visitor Nathan Pickles in his Tera.

With the wind dropping and gradually veering south, the fleet approached the final mark.  Mike thought it had gone completely when he came to a complete halt but he soon realised that he had fouled the Bates’ anchor warp and he continued after raising his board.  This allowed AJ and Sue to catch up but they were still astern crossing the line.  

As it was becoming chilly and the dusk was setting in, all returned to the Club and tucked in to a meal previously prepared by Sue and AJ.  Results showed  that Mike Fairlamb had beaten the chefs on FH but that AJ / Sue were the winners on PH with the Laser of Peter Winfindale second.  

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