Bank Holiday Monday

National Champion Roger Hodgkinson with Elaine HuntCan’t be! It’s Sunny! Shame is that there’s no wind. Bass is again the epicentre of its own micro-climate. From time to time ripples on the water tease us into thinking the wind is filling in and settling down. No such luck. Even the forecast SE breeze is likely to be counteracted by the sea breeze. Another waiting game. Nice day for it though.

The wind has continued to come and go and the Catapult Association have called it as day on their National Championship, so the latest results, after 5 races, stand

Steve Hunt gave the closing speech and the trophies were awarded by his wife Elaine

Final Catapult results

Murphy’s Law ruled, and the wind came in following the prize giving allowing the club sailors to get on the water. The wind settled in from the north, completely opposite to the forecast! Shunty stormed off from the starboard end of the line at the start signal, while Scumper stalled on the start line and set off last, tacked right, and was first to the windward mark! Robbie D and Ethan, also benefited from the wind on the right hand side of the course and rounded second. The windward mark was in the lee of the shore and was challenging to approach at times.

The run to the wing mark gave Mike and Kayla the chance to get ahead of William and Elaine, and Mike enjoyed putting his luffing skills into action, although it had no real effect other than to cause Elaine to comment on his builder’s bum!

Sailing Secretary Roy Blackburn was out on the water for the first time this season, crewed by Sally Roberts, and had a minor catastrophe when the boom came off the mast, but they did survive the whole race without a capsize!

On handicap, Robbie D won followed by another three RS200s, and then Scumper. Although not enough to beat Scumper overall, the first gave Robbie D second overall in the series