Bass to the rescue!

While waiting for enthusiastic sailors to appear and prepare to race in the blustery conditions, a report from a lady worried that her husband hadn’t returned after some wild swimming led to Bass rescue rushing out to track him down. Fortunately he had been seen earlier, with fluorescent float, so they soon spotted him again and reunited him with his wife. He had got somewhat disoriented in the choppy waters, but had suffered no harm.

Although two helms, and one crew, had turned up to race, enthusiasm was solely with Banter, so racing was cancelled for the day.

Before returning rescue craft to their moorings, they checked on a couple of paddle boarders struggling to make headway in the conditions, and subsequently took them back to their launch site.

Sunday’s forecast was wetter and windier, and perhaps several took heed as there was just one helm that turned up to compare reality with the webcam view! Racing was cancelled for the second day in a row.