Summer is here!

With the warm weather set to remain for a few more days at least, and, for a change, with a forecast of strong, gusty winds all weekend, there was a lower than usual turnout for the championship weekend series. Those that turned up were pleasantly surprised that conditions were less gusty than forecast, and  very sailable,

There were a couple of capsizes, but sailors enjoyed some good planing conditions, especially in the first race. The winds were very shifty and challenging for some on the beats.

Ian/Lezliann led the first race in the handicap fleet, while in the second race Banter/Oscar in their RS200 were delighted to break away from Ian/Lezliann in a F15, and John in a Solo before finishing with a good lead.

In the other fleets, consistency was the order of the day with Dave/Lynn winning both GP races, and Bean/Lucy winning the slow handicap races.

Sunday’s forecast was more blustery than Saturday, but remained sailable. James/Jenny capsized before the start and gave up. Emma in a Mirror found the blustery weather too challenging without a crew, while Emma/Jules made it to the end of the first beat, capsized, then went for a bit of a blast! Paul in a Laser  had a couple of capsizes as well, but continued to the end of the race.

Again, there were some spectacular reaches to be had, and enjoyed!

In the handicap fleet, John in his Solo won the first race, but Banter/Oscar in their RS200 went on to win the next three races and the Isel Cup, with Ian/Lezliann in a F15 2nd, and John 3rd.

Dave/Lynn had three wins and won the Commodore’s Prize for GPs with Val/Ken 2nd.

Bean/Lucy in their Mirror had three wins also, winning the Orsova Cup with James in a Tera 2nd

Final results