Blue Skies…

… just weren’t enough. A lovely, sunny, afternoon but high winds, or was it low temperatures, put numerous would sailors off. So AJs stressful OD duty was straightforward- just get settled into a few cups of tea before abandoning racing for the day.

Winds eased overnight, but it was a wet start which seemed to dampen enthusiasm for the various sailors that were on site. However, after lunch the rain stopped and the one and only race of the weekend got underway – the Eric Twiname Trust pennant, typically raced around the lake. Fortuitously the OD only set the course as far as 10 as the wind eased soon after the start!

Alastair/Gayle in a RS200 were first to 10 and held off Scumper/T in a RS400 all the way back to Scarness. Despite being in the slowest boat, Jim/Poppy stayed ahead of a RS400 on the water, and won on handicap.

Final results