Brain Cell on Offer!

At Ullswater YC’s RS open meeting on Saturday, three members ventured down to brave some strong winds only to sit in the eye of the storm all day. The wind came and went from time to time, and the short races meant that, generally, it was important to get it right at an early stage. Scumper and T had a couple of good results, and several run ins (wait a while longer for those tales!), but it was Robbie D and Toggle that came out on top to finish third overall. Scumper was 5th, and William and Lesley 8th.

As for Scumper, his first run in was with the steamer – it appeared from nowhere and stopped just in front of him, so Scumper cut in close behind its stern, and just as the blue rinse brigade were taking photos of the Scumper and T, the captain powered up to full steam ahead, pushed Scumper 15 yards away and then he was sucked back in by the wash! In what was to be the final race, the wind had filled in from behind and as boats rounded the leeward mark for the finish, a mass of RS200s came in as well. One boat decided it wanted water on Scumper, but it didn’t have it, and Scumper wasn’t going to give it which all lead to a bit of verbals, and a comment was overheard later that the crew was going to offer a brain cell for Scumper and T to share! Little did they know the expertise they were up against – the winner of the 2000 Lord Birkett.

Meanwhile at the club, they had more than their fair share of wind, but there was only two takers – Sam Hall, and Stu and Debbie Spence. Sunday was slightly busier, but there was a lack of wind! However, it did fill in and another four races were held in this quick fire series of eight races. Sunday’s results were headed by the RS200, but it was Sam Hall that took the trophy.

PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8 Pts
 1  130579  S HALL        LASER RADI   1   1   1   1   5   4   4   5   8
 2     913  J HARDY       RS200      DNS DNS DNS DNS   1   1   1   1  14
 3   13161  S SPENCE      N            2   2   2   2 DNS DNS DNS DNS  18
 4  125514  R BRYCE       LAS        DNS DNS DNS DNS   3   3   3   2  21
 5    1246  R RHODES      OSPREY     DNS DNS DNS DNS   4   6   2   3  25
 6     103  A NICHOLSON   VARIO      DNS DNS DNS DNS   6   5   5   4  30
 7   69960  M CHAPPEL     MIR        DNS DNS DNS DNS   2   2 DNS DNS  34
 8  970142  RoSMITH       MIR        DNS DNS DNS  OD DNS DNS DNS DNS  43

                     Points for RTD =  3   3   3   3   7   7   6   6
                     Points for DSQ =  3   3   3   3   7   7   6   6
                     Points for DNS =  9

 5 races to count