Didn’t he do Admirally!

I know it should say admirably, but since Tim Chittenden won the weekend series, it seemed more appropriate. With the tinker association having a travellers meeting of 22 boats, and many members away at the Southport 24 hour race, there was only a few takers for the club racing. Mike Fairlamb sailed a couple of races in a laser, one in a GP, and the final one he crewed in a GP. Other Sunday takers included Neil and Judith, William and Lesley, Roy and Kayla, and Leila and Sue. However, as Tim had sailed all four races, the Tinker Trophy goes to him!

The club can hold their heads high again after another good result in the 24 hour race when the finished 5th overall. Although Hugh’s boat was packed away and on the road in record time, no one’s quite certain when he’ll get back to the club – perhaps he’s stopped for a sleep!?

Apart from some heavy rain on Saturday evening, the Tinker Association had another excellent event with 22 boats taking part. Yet again David Warren took the trophy with Dennis Aldred 2nd ,and John & Val Allen 3rd

David Warren receives trophy from Kayla