Calm before the storm?

When the turbines at Bothel aren’t turning, it is not surprising that there is no wind on the lake. However, just before the scheduled start time a breeze s filled in from the south enabling the fleets to enjoy good sailing conditions throughout the afternoon, and the rain stayed away too!

A select fleet of two GPs, Dave/Lynn and Joan/Jack, battled it out each securing a win each. Joan currently leads the series. In the fast handicap fleet, it was Scumper and Banter in RS100s that mastered the conditions, each taking a 1st place. Steve/Ruth in their Merlin played second fiddle taking a 2nd and a 3rd, but Banter leads the series. With Tog’s Solo still being repaired after the Nationals, Joanie was back on the water again after her ducking on Thursday, and was pleased when the shorten course signal sounded  saving one further lap.

Despite Mik being keen to get a good start by mingling with the fast handicap fleet (he didn’t think he’d get away with that did he?!) in the first race, it was Jim in the Hartley 12 that won both races, and took the series lead from Hazel who was racing in the fast handicap fleet (correctly, of course, as she was in a Laser Radial).

DW etc Latest results 

Will the Bass micro climate save the day on Sunday, or will the forecast high winds prevent all racing for the day? Well, when everyone arrived the wind was moderate, the sun was shining, and the air temperature somewhat tropical, all so much better than forecast.

Although 8/9 boats prepared to go out, by the time they were ready to launch the wind had started to freshen, and white horses appeared. Only five boats took to the water, but Alex/Olivia, the love birds, retired after their main came down before the start, leaving just four starters. Ethan, being the smallest and lightest, was first to capsize in his Radial. Several capsizes later, he was first to finish too (having completed just one lap). It didn’t stop him going for a bit of a blast after finishing. The next casualty was Shunty/Ruth causing them to be 3rd on Handicap behind Dave/Lynn who had no competition in the GPs. We reckon Lynn had her foot well and truly down in relation to flying the kite as it never appeared once ( but they stayed upright)! That leaves winners Robbie D/Banter who took best advantage of the gusts by flying their kite. Although even Banter must have been getting nervous with the ‘guidance’ he was giving Robin. A blast for them after finishing resulted in a quick capsize…

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