Celebrity Glass Pursuit

A mid summer fun weekend was planned, it’s a shame the weather put a literal dampener on some of the proceedings, not that the rain dampened enthusiasm!

Sunday started brighter, but with the threat of more rain in the afternoon. There was a good westerly breeze for the Celebrity Glass Pursuit which was being held as a two race series.

Jim/Poppy were first to start in their Hartley and held off the rest of the fleet for most of the first lap, but were overtaken by the GPs in which Val/Ken were putting up a good fight against Dave/Lynn. Some good gusts on the reaches helped Scumper/Joe in their RS400 claw back ground and take the overall lead with a leg to spare.

The afternoon race wind was a bit more variable and eased as the race went on. There were still gusts strong enough for AJ/Sue to recall what it is like to capsize, but they were not as prolonged as in the morning. This time Tony in his Solo led for half the race before being passed by Dave/Lynn, and they held the lead to the finish, though Scumper was very close on their tail at the end. As both Dave and Scumper had a 1st and a 2nd, the tie was split on the last race in favour of Dave.

Overall results