Night Jar 9

It was again fine and reasonably warm with the wind blowing in from the South prior to the start. OD Izzie reckoned a trip to 12 was in order! But, as the wind shifted SW she set a diamond course 0-9-1-B. This, again, had three kite legs which suited the GP’s.

From the start Val & Ken took the lead from Mike & Eric and Joan & Jack with Tony’s Solo and Neil’s Radial close astern. Despite the best efforts of the other GP crews Val & Ken were not to be denied. They held off the competition to become the first three lap finisher.

As the leaders completed their second lap the wind started to drop a little. The decision was made to shorten just after AJ had gone through which didn’t best please his crew Hazel! Jon Anson’s Radial was the first to finish on two laps followed by Richard Broughton’s Solo and the Radial of Simon Smith who had taken time off from crewing the L2000. 

Then it was in for the meal – NOT SO! No-one had put their name down to prepare it so we had a bunch of starving sailors! This is the first time in many a moon that this had happened and it ruined the chance of the usual after-race social craic. Let’s hope we are back to normal for the remaining rounds.  

I was politely reminded that the Night Jar is primarily a PH series so here are the key results. An excellent win for Simon from John Robert’s Pico with Richard third. But this is not to decry Val & Ken from their FH win. Some people tend to forget that they are past Club Champions!

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