Christmas Bowling

On 15 Dec 2013 17 youth squad students and parents descended on Workington’s 10 Pin Bowling Alley.

As most of us were beginners the owners of the alley had kindly put down guides to make sure that all balls would knock down at least one skittle. This did not stop some of our balls bouncing from one side of the track to the other before eventually knocking a few skittles down. The guides also did not stop some of the adults really heavy balls being pulled by really strong gravity onto the wooden track making a big bang and causing the whole building to shake. The owners therefore soon came over to point out that special ramps could be used to help launch the balls and help steering, and also to tell us that we should not throw the balls at the skittles. Although we tried the ramps this was not real bowls so we went back to launching the balls by hand.

Eventually we all got the hang of letting go of the balls at the right time, height and angle to point them in the right direction without killing anyone.

Elle Grieves made an early start by judging her bouncing off the sides to hit the middle pin time and time again getting several strikes and many 10’s. Despite everyone else trying really hard Elle’s lead continued to grow. By the end of the game she had almost twice as many points as anyone else.

Here’s to a well earned victory. Very well done.

A special mention also goes to Louise who spent so much effort throwing her balls that she had to lay down in the lane after every throw. A really good try.

Some of the mums said that they were trying to get as few points as possible to make the rest of us feel good. Tell that to the lad in the next lane with 4 squashed toes.

Of course Elle will have to come again next Christmas to defend her Tiara.(little Crown)

This victory shows that Elle has a strong will to win, and we look forward to the first race of the new season in Toppers between Elle and Hazel.

Hope that you are looking forward to March 2014 when we take to the water again.