Conclusion of October Series

Saturday’s races was held in a light but bitterly cold southerly wind. Competitors having to endure nearly four hours of racing were pretty chilled but at least they were moving around. The Bates and safety crews were absolutely pickled when they finally came ashore.

There were eight starters although Joan and Jack had an early capsize and were well down the fleet. Banter Phil was first on the water but Mike & Eric won on FH and AJ and Sue on PH The following race held back to back in ever lightening winds had a long course and took an age to finish. Jim in the Supernova was fed up with conditions and bemoaning no reach in the course so he came ashore. Banter was again first over the line 5 seconds ahead of Mike & Kayla. There was no wind when coming into the slipways and the Geeps had their paddles out. But Mike & Eric were again winners on FH with Banter taking the PH win.

Conditions on Sunday were much of the same. Chris & Julie had a flyer at the start of the morning race at the start and it took Mike & Kayla in the other Fifteen a fair time to get by them.

 After lunch the action switched to lower down the order. Richard lost the forestay fitting on his Solo and retired, luckily without further damage. Meanwhile Joan and Jack brought their Geep ashore for de rigging prior to their forthcoming holiday adventure. Mike & Eric took two further bullets to make it a full hous

Latest results FH PH (to be updated…)