The Leap Year Quiz night started with the usual banter. Why hadn’t William booked meals for Bridget and Ginge, and why hadn’t he told Dee that the questions were based on Leap Years?! Is he really on the blue WKD?

Anyway, the quiz master and his glamorous assistant had prepared a wonderful hotpot (yes, that’s the one without the crust for those Lancastrians reading this!) for the two dozen contestants. In fact it was believed that the Fantastic Four were ringers, as they were such good friends of the quiz master.

Anyway, proceedings got underway, and yes there was a rowdy table – none other than Bridget’s Brood (surely her school kids would have had detention for such behaviour?!). It started with repeated requests for the questions to be read out again (No that wasn’t because William was searching for answers on his phone, there was just too much gabbing by the women), and continued to the answer stage when they repeatedly roared as they supposedly had the right answer. That attitude did eventually spread across the other teams, as they secured another point.

When it was all over, there was a countdown from 70 (the maximum score), and it seemed like an eternity before the winners were identified – the Fantastic Four with 54 points. Fix I hear you cry (as did all the other teams). The answer paper was submitted for checking, only to find that they couldn’t add up! So the countdown continued and at 48 (whose age is that you ask?!), Bridget’s Brood gave another roar. The paper was checked and they were declared winners. They were just awarded the wine (as if Bridget hadn’t had enough by then!)- Kayla had left the half eaten box of Chocs at home (joke!).

Sorry you all missed out on a good night, but you were invited!