Don’t Bother!?

Well that’s the quote of the day (or is it the season?) from Mike Fairlamb. Some winter refinements to his rudder led to a tangle of ropes and his first capsize of the season on the start line of the afternoon race. It must be pointed out (so they told me) that neither Mike, or crew Ian Macpherson, actually went swimming during the capsize. However, they didn’t take the trophy for the first ducking of the season – that went to vice commodore Dave Nicholson closely followed by sailing secretary Roy Blackburn and Kayla – Some habits die hard! Having sucessfully completed the first race the gybed (well, didn’t quite make it) for the shore and in they went. That was to prove one capsize too many, especially as Kayla was wearing a shorty, and so they didn’t sail the second race.

Sunday saw the launch of another new boat which was sailed by William with Jonathan Connor crewing. Although nothing dropped off (apart from the quick release tiller extension!), there still seems to be a mass of ropes that need cutting down to size.

There were 10 boats on the water for the first race in winds that seemed as if they were going to be marginal. By the time Herb had reset the start line in the shifting winds, the wind settled down to the east and led to some good racing which probably took many by surprise, so much so that they opted not to sail the second race.

Jose’s excuse for not sailing the 2nd race was that she didn’t even have the energy to lift a teapot!

Although Shunty and Ruth won the first race, it was Hugh and Rhonwen that won the second race and the series overall to take Starter’s Prize.


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2 Pts
 1   13905  H GODFREY     GP           2   1   3
 2    1298  S HUNT        RS400        1   2   3
 3    1303  W CARRUTHERS  RS400        5   3   8
 4   13885  M FAIRLAMB    GP           4   5   9
 5   13867  D NICHOLSON   TOPPER       9   4  13
 6    1049  M SOMERVILLE  RS400        3 DNS  16
 7     103  A NICHOLSON   VARIO       OD DNS  16
 8   13655  N LEWIS       GP         DNS   6  19
 9   13733  A HODGKINS    GP           6 DNS  19
10    1029  R BLACKBURN   RS400        7 DNS  20
11   70142  T SMITH       MS           8 DNS  21
12     374  M RIMMER      VARIO       10 DNS  23

                     Points for RTD = 11   7
                     Points for DSQ = 11   7
                     Points for DNS = 13

 2 races to count

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It’s All Happening at Once!

The sun has shone for the training and tuning day, and although the wind faded through the middle of the day it turned to the north east to bring a sharp breeze that tempted Toddy to launch his new mirror named Wen.

However, he wasn’t the first on the water, that honour went to Daphne and Ian in his Lark. Nor was Toddy the last – Mike and Sue ventured out in a GP.

Many others were doing a bit of head scratching as they tried to work out which bit goes where, especially for those that have changed fleet.