Final Championship Weekend Series

With two weekends of the championship season to go, the final weekend series is being held this weekend. With a forecast of rain and gales for Sunday, it may be just a short series!

There was a good breeze all afternoon, enough to cause the odd capsize – Mike Fairlamb with Margaret Trotter had an unfortunate capsize on the beat that lost them the lead to Val and Ken Bell in a closely fought race. However, Dave and Sarah Nicholson came through to win the first race.

Mike and Kayla had two close races against Tim Chittenden in the F15s, but it was Mike that took the honours.

Scumper and Big E took the lead in the handicap fleet in both races, and won them on handicap from Bean and brother Rob (or was it Tim?!)

In the Mirror fleet Nick Orton was so far ahead he had to do a lap of honour! Mik had his knickers in a twist after doing turns for hitting Nick on the head with his boom earlier in the race. Toddy’s 2nd in the first race and win in the 2nd gave him the series (the Mirrors have already decided they’re not sailing on Sunday)

Sunday came together with the forecast wind. Mike Fairlamb was itching to race and strengthen his position in the series – he’d brought in Dave Lawson to crew! However, the OD checked out the conditions on the water and decided to cancel racing for the day

The latest championship results are listed below. The championship winners may have been determined, but can next weekend make a difference to your place in the championship?