Guided by the Light….

The morning started off wonderfully clear, with no wind. Not very good for sailing! However, some clouds moved in together with a light north westerly breeze. Perhaps it would settle down for a good days sailing?

The wind did fill in, albeit in fits and starts, but it let to both bunching, and separation, of the fleet …. Neil Garrison sailing a wayfarer single handed (hence disqualified) sailed a good first beat and was second to William and Elaine at the windward mark, with Nigel and John in a GP, and Alan Nicholson in his solo closely on their tail. The wind allowed the fleet to bunch, but it was not until the end of the second beat that William broke away as the land shadow swallowed 0. A case of too little too late as William was to finish 8th on personal handicap, with pole position going to Alan with Nigel 2nd. As ever, the wind picked up at the end of the race, and eased by the start of the afternoon race.

Nigel again sailed well and was first to the windward mark with William just behind. The next leg was challenging as the fleet had to sail directly into the low afternoon sun and it was almost impossible to see the mark! William did succeed in breaking away this time when the wind faded for the rest of the fleet, but having to sail one lap extra, in still airs materially affected his position by adding an extra 25% to his average lap time (and I want redress!).  Nigel continued to sail well and beat Jim Christie in his laser by 10 secs, and Tim Chittenden with Ian Macpherson in a F15 by 1½ mins