How Much Fun for £1.70?

Heard the story about the bus journey from Whitehaven to Cockermouth that took 3½ hours? No, it wasn’t due to an in efficient bus service, a mechanical breakdown, heavy traffic, or weather conditions. A certain (lone) passenger fell asleep, and missed her stop, and woke up somewhere near Wigton. When she realised her predicament, she admitted to rolling in the aisles laughing (her words!) and having to tell herself to stop [laughing], but these fits of laughter kept coming back as her journey continued to the terminus at Carlisle and back to where she was first heading. As demanded by her friend, she eventually sent a text to say she was safely back home. Of course, by the time she arrived at work on Monday the whole office knew about the trip – so why shouldn’t you? Thanks to our very own Cecile for sharing this with us (and the rest of the club!)