Jubilee Sailing Trust Pennant

After a weekend of blustery conditions, numbers were depleted for the Sunday afternoon pennant traditionally sailed around the lake. The six starters, comprising 3 flying 15s, a laser, a dart and a GP14, were all in close contention until they reached the narrows at Scarness. William Carruthers in his F15, crewed by Commodore Miles Middleton, managed to take the lead at this point in typically shifty conditions made somewhat worse by the frequency and strength of the backing gusts of wind.

The capsize of Neil Garrison and Margaret Trotter in the Dart in Scarness bay helped the GP and Laser decide that it was time to head home! So that left the three F15s.

The winds continued to lift, head, and fade in a generally unpredictable manner and although distances between boats increased and disappeared, the overall order was held until the finish. There were some exciting spinnaker runs on the way back and apart from Bill Wheeler with crew Pete Nuttall mistaking a fishing buoy for a mark of the course leading to them retiring there were no mishaps.

As the race was on fleet handicap the finishing order was the overall result – 1st Willam Carruthers and Miles Middleton; 2nd Mike Moore and Toni Nuttall