Ladies, Crews, Juniors & Crews Race

The OD was Peter Whipp and he felt it was time for something a little different!  So the course was a triangle and sausage 0-4-3-0-3-YZ which caused some head scratching but worked well.
There were 16 starters although Mike Cave and Robbie/Erin pulled out and went ashore mid-race. The two Joe’s (Watkins & Roberts) were the lead contestants with Tony’s Solo mixing it, as usual, with the GPs; Mike & Eric ahead of Paul Bowmer/Mark Hunt, and Ken who had Val crewing.
Two complete laps were going to be too long for the mid fleet onwards boats and the race couldn’t be shortened for some on the course set, so a decision was made to up anchor and move the Bates to 0 allowing all to finish sooner and at the same point. It worked – just! – the Bates beating the 300 to the mark by 5 seconds!
So the awards go to the Sailing Secretary (Does he get anything for not being any of the L,C,J,S?).  Well, anyway, he won overall from Tony’s Solo!  There were no Junior entries, Mike F was the first Senior and Ken took the Crew award.
There were also no Lady entrants in the historically called Ladies Race.  Sue had a last moment change of mind and entered with AJ under Crew!  This is not turning out to be one of her multiple award seasons – but you never know!  

Final results