Laser/Mirror/Handicap Open

Sat 12pm: Too many people must have been looking at the forecast to travel today! That includes club members. Of those that have turned up there are presently 5 boats preparing to venture out. Whether they stay up or out is a totally different matter.

1.45pm: Stay upright? No chance! The first capsize was by Paul at rescue boat moorings. Big E and Toggle were both doing capsize practice before the start as well. Andy and Emma were the first to get across the lake, no gennaker, but flying! There were only three starters – Scumper and Zepher in an RS400, Andy and Emma in an RS200 and Big E in a Laser.

2pm: Scumper was the only boat to make it to the windward mark, so no pressure. Didn’t stop them put up their gennaker offwind. Then they capsized (Kayla had a 5p bet saying they wouldn’t!) – nil points for style. The boat went straight over again, and then they got their act together and put the gennaker up again. The next capsize was much more spectacular – Well worth watching!

2.30pm: Will they finish the race? Yes, Scumper did finish and then went to pose for T who was taking some photos!

2.45pm: With the wind easing, it looks as if the OD is going to send the fleet out for more.

4.45pm: And he did. There were several more takers this time, and a few more finishers too, but not quite so many capsizes – only the single handers and Barry Lancaster in a National 12.

T was in a rescue boat, taking more photos and all up for giving William and Elaine a bit of banter for not flying their gennaker. Robbie D had the same thought. Shame William had left his in the garage! Elaine was all for borrowing Steve’s only to find it had a hole in it.

It was to be the visiting Albacore helmed by Judy Armstrong with husband Paul that won the race from Scumper by 40secs on handicap. Bean and Naomi’s dash from Newcastle was worth it, when they secured third overall. Three more races tomorrow, but the forecast is for much less wind

Andy’s Tip of the Day: Don’t let the air out of your drysuit when you’re in the water and a wave’s crashing over you because the water gets in!

The mist came down early Sunday morning, and was lifting. There was some air movement towards Scarness but would it make it to the Northern end? The betting was yes, by 1130! The general forecast was not good though.

While waiting for the wind it was time to catch up on the gossip. The days of the ladies using (or sharing?!) the gents showers may be over. A well known amenable plumber (any clues from the photo? Any guesses where the tattoo is?) had a session in the ladies showers, together with several male and female onlookers, with pleasing results. There was an offer to test the showers for an hour, but that is yet to be taken up! All in all, the showers now get the ladies wet, all be it for only a few seconds at a time. Such is life 🙂

The wind did not fill in, and with little prospect of it doing so racing was cancelled at 1pm so the overnight results stand.

The prizes were presented by the Commodore’s wife, Elaine Hunt

Overall winner (and finisher of two races!) - Scumper with Zepher 1st Laser - Big E!