My *RS*

Sounds like something from the Royale family, well not far wrong – it’s to do with the Commodore’s family. Following the naming of the Hodgkins’ boat ‘Kiss My RS’, they tipped it in so many times on Saturday it should perhaps be named Washing my RS. However, the conditions were such that they were not the only ones to go for a swim. The other notable swimmers of the day were Steve Hunt and Ruth, who seemed to make a bad habit of fighting through to the front and then capsizing! Robin Dawson was helming the Hodgkins’ RS in the second race, and ‘practiced’ righting the boat a couple of times before the race even started.

On Sunday, the conditions had eased a little, but there was still a bit of capsizing. Andy and Phil Smith, tried their hand in the 49er again and joined the weekend’s list of capsizers. Not to be beaten in one form or another, Steve Hunt gave the fleet a chance when he again capsized, but he’d regained the lead again by the next mark! He survived the final race without tipping it in again, but there was one leg where he trawled the spinnaker – when coupled with sailing the wrong course, and missing the first race due to traffic jams, all in all he used up quite a bit of bad luck – perhaps just in time for Bass Week?

As for the racing, the weekend series was a fleet challenge sailed on a personal handicap basis. With eighteen different helms in total there was a good turnout, but only two helms sailed all four races – Ian Macpherson in his laser, and William Carruthers in an RS, with Mike Fairlamb crewing on Saturday, and Toggle Cowan on Sunday. The results were close overall, but who else could the prize go to other than the treasurer, webmaster, results program author and birthday boy!


PN    Boat  Helm          Class        1   2   3   4 Pts
 1     937  W CARRUTHERS  RS400        2   1   2   6  11
 2  167828  I MACPHERSON  LAS          3   2   3   5  13
 3    1210  S HUNT        RS400      DNS   4   1   7  31
 4   12329  J WOOD        GP         RTD DNS RTD   4  41
 5   13749  R DAWSON      RS400      DNS   3 DNS   3  44
 6    1125  JoHALLIDAY    RS400        7 DNS   5 DNS  50
 7   13142  R HODGKINS    RS400      RTD DNS   4 DNS  53
 8  161866  M SOMERVILLE  LASER      DNS DNS DNS   1  58
 9   13839  H GODFREY     GP           1 DNS DNS DNS  58
10   66942  J FERGUSON    LAS        DNS DNS DNS   2  59
11  913791  M COWAN       TOP         OD DNS DNS DNS  60
12    1117  K JAMIESON    FF         DNS DNS  OD DNS  60
13   13733  A HODGKINS    GP           4 DNS DNS DNS  61
14   13655  N LEWIS       GP           5 DNS DNS DNS  62
15       4  P DILLON      TOP          6 DNS DNS DNS  63
16   69960  M CHAPPEL     MS         DNS DNS DNS   8  65
18   13238  D NICHOLSON   GP         RTD DNS DNS DNS  68

                     Points for RTD = 11   5   7  10
                     Points for DSQ = 11   5   7  10
                     Points for DNS = 19

 4 races to count