Night Jar 10 – 27 June 19

A cloudless and very warm day brought virtually all the Thursday regulars to the Club with the intention of cooling down out on the water.  But they found a brisk southerly with the wind rattling rigs.  Some opted to give it a miss with Emma, for one, taking to safety. But there were still over 20 boats on the line upwind of 1 which was followed by a long beat to 8, a run to B and a reach to 1 completing the triangle.

Initially, the line was incredibly biased with Mark reckoning port on port might be an option but the bias went neutral in the countdown.  The Sale Fell effect made the first beat difficult but a gradual swing to SSE and a dropping of wind strength made decision making easier.

Barbara decided to match Mik’s decision making by following astern (not a good practice at the best of times!).  She eventually ended up with a brief capsize and he was able to concentrate on trying to get the better of John’s Pico.

Back at the club Richard had prepared curry and a vegetarian option so no one went hungry.  

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