Night Jar 10

Well, this is one round that nearly didn’t take place! At Start -15mins there was little wind and, what there was varied from E to SW. The beat was to be B-0 but it turned out to be B-A. Well B wasn’t actually in the eventual course which was A-4-1 and a finish line around B. Sounds confusing but it worked ok!

All except the 5 Toppers did 2 laps with John Crosbie’s 400 pulling out a lead on the water from Joan & Jack Hardie’s 200 on the first despite doing turns for touching 1. The fun stared at 4 on lap 2 with a 90 degree shift which brought a raft of boats together. Jim Christie’s Supernova seemed to fare best but a further shift at 1 changed the order again and Joan crossed the line second with Nick Bell’s Seafly and Kath Davis/Janie Britcher’s GP in close contention. David Roger led the Toppers home on this occasion.

It was a relatively short race with a delayed start waiting for wind and a shortened course in case it died again. This gave more time to enjoy Debbie Binns’ excellent meal and for results to be calculated.

Kath took the PH win which moves her into the lead of that Series while Ian Hall in his Solo took the FH race win.

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