Night Jar 11 – 4 July 19

A drab, light westerly evening started serenely enough, But, when the Thursday evening Bates driver decided to launch the Rib it became highly entertaining as he ended up waist deep in the water! Luckily the combined skills of Ken, Keith, Tog and others were able to get things on a drier footing and racing started albeit around 30 mins late.

 Mike & Eric got a flyer in the Geep with Val & Ken following.  But the latter boat came under pressure from Eric’s FF and James & Jenny’s L2000. There were shouts for mark room which resulted in turns for the L2000.

The Tera and Oppy battles had the Somerville / Reekie boats vying for their lead.

Great to see.  But the chill caught up and your correspondent signed off despite good craik with Wendy & Gail.

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