Night Jar 11

With a SSW force 4 wind blowing and 15 boats competing, having two fully crewed rescue boats on the water was essential. There were numerous capsizes and six retirements. Richard Broughton and Peter Winfindale went synchronised swimming and pulled out of the race as did Joan & Jack Hardie who had ended up with mast in mud.

The course was 0-4-2 which gave a long beat followed by broad and tight reaches. The sting was in the tail as a very tight rounding of 2 was essential to cross the line inside the starboard end pin and a tack meant a beat up the biased line without actually crossing it. This left a number of competitors pinching and loosing time by ending up head to wind.

Trevor Morton in the Dart found the stronger conditions to his liking finishing second on the water to the Skiff and winning on PH. The GPs of Mike & Eric and AJ & Sue were next up, the former winning on FH and the latter coming second in both series.

The Toppers handled the conditions superbly with only one of the five starters retiring. Hazel Newport finished fourth on PH and sixth on FH while Rosie Hogg was seventh in both series.

After numerous masts had been cleaned of mud it was inside for another excellent meal, provided on this occasion by Neil.

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