Night Jar 12

It was a superb evening for racing. The wind was a southerly force 4 but it was constant. The course was A-B-1-0 with the finish line close upwind of the mark leading to some spectacular tacking close to the Bates.

Eighteen boats took the start but we were only two minutes in before Kath & Caroline turtled their Geep. They accepted a lift back to the Club and let the wind free the mast from the mud and drive the boat ashore with no obvious damage. 

They weren’t the only ones to go swimming. Jon Anson inverted the Radial at A and Joe Watkins lost the 300 on the screaming reach from 1 to 0. Harry did likewise in the Aero a lap later describing it as an interesting death roll! Mike Fairlamb decided on a cautious approach and tacked his Streaker around the gybe mark.

The lead crew was Alex and Olivia relishing the planning conditions in the 200. Tony King with Radial Rig was 2nd with the Ent of seldom seen Mark Ninnim & Emma Smith, battling with Dave & Lynn’s Geep, close astern.

The other Geeps of Joan & Jack and AJ & Sue were next up in close company. David Haselden’s was the only Solo on the water this time and he was in close company with the impressively sailed Radial of Mike Hunter.

The Toppers of David and Izzie were finished on 2 laps but not before the 200 had gone through for its fourth. Tony was the leading boat on 3 laps to cross the line.

After recovering Kath’s boat all prepared for the meal prepared by Neil who was chef for the evening. Results showed Alex & Olivia, Tony, and Dave & Lynn in the podium positions on FH. But there were three Radials in the lead positions on PH with an excellent win by Mike Hunter from Tony and Paul Clark.

This was the last round of the Night Jar for a month. Next week it will be thrills all around with the Ladies, Crews, juniors and 60+ race. If you don’t fall into any of those categories come and race for the fun of it. It will be a mass start.