Night Jar 12 

It was a pleasant evening with a constant f3 wind from the West. With the line laid near A, Nigel chose a course of 0-9-4. Of the sixteen starters John capsized the Skiff just before the start but was soon back on the rails and sailing hard. Not so Peter & Lottie in their Laser 2 who were forced well over the line and struggled to find a gap to return.

Tog & Joan in their 200 were first to the windward mark but, by 9, John was through and away. Then came Mike & Eric’s GP, Neil’s Laser and Tony’s Solo. Joan & Jack were starting to move up in their GP after, for them, an average start.  Further down the fleet there was a close contest between Julie Tomkinson / Sarah Newport in the L2000 and Alex Kasiliwski just ahead of father Eric both in Lasers.

 Results showed the 4.7 of Hazel taking the PH win from John’s Pico. On FH it was Mike & Eric from Joan & Jack. But Tony in his Solo continues to dominate both Series.

 Next Thursday it is all change with the Ladies, Crews, Juniors and Seniors races so do give some thought which category you would like to sign in for. That is, if you have a choice!

Final results FH PH