Night Jar 12

A small fleet of nine boats took to the water on Thursday evening in a freshening SW wind and overcast skies. Nigel selected a course 0-9-A-1-B which was similar to the diamond set last week by Hazel.

There was little bias on the line but Dave & Lynn managed port on port in the GP to take an initial lead with Mike & Eric following. After a late get away due to a pre-start capsize, Joe moved the 300 into the lead.

All were finding the reach to 1 tight but it was spectacular with most boats getting on the plane. The increasing wind strength and the short legs were making crews work hard. Neil, in particular, was making the Radial move and was vying for third with John in the Merlin who had shrieking Sarah as crew. Next came Jon out with Kim in a Vision followed by Peter in a FR Laser.

With 10 minute laps and few gaps, the whole fleet were sent round for the full four laps which totally baffled Joe who was expecting the usual shortened course flag and he set off on another circuit!

The incidents came near the end with Paul’s Radial crashing in on the reach allowing Richard to move up a position in the Solo. Mike & Eric had the kite halyard jam at the final drop which brought them to a complete stop losing them a couple of places. As they were the evening’s chefs it was fortunate that Avril and Elaine were along to provide some extra hands.

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