Night Jar 14

The Night Jar series resumed on a wet and windy day which was enough to put anyone off sailing. But, as the Webmaster often says, Bass has its own micro-climate and it was down to a force 3 westerly and almost sunny by the race start.

The OD chose a course with two beats. With the start boat just upwind of B, the course was 0-2-1-B. Twelve boats took to the water although Kath & Glenys had the rudder come off their GP on the way out and were extremely late starting.

At the front of the fleet the GP’s of AJ & Sue and Val & Ken were involved in a close battle and were being shadowed by Mike in his Streaker and Neil in the Radial. By the end of the second lap Val had pulled out a reasonable lead and, with the wind dropping, Lottie in her father’s Radial and Harry’s Topper took the shortened course flag.

Kath & Glenys worked hard to make up for the time lost, passing fellow GP helm Mike Cave, Jon Anson’s Radial and finally Paul’s Clark’s Radial when he tacked for the line and they continued to finish at the port end. Toggle & Joan finished third on the water to the two lead GP’s, their Asymmetric 200 seeming to loose out when going inshore to gybe on the long run to 2.

Fleet Handicap results showed Val & Ken ahead of AJ & Sue with Mike’s Streaker third. On Personal Handicap it was AJ / Sue ahead of Richard Broughton’s Solo and Neil’s Radial.