Night Jar 17

To quote TS Elliot, the Night Jar series ended …not with a bang but a whimper! The OD concluded there was no chance of sailing on flat water and the abandonment flags were raised.

This gave more time for the Bring & Eat meal and much chatting along the table. The key event was Ken’s birthday. After he had blown out the obligatory candle, Val cut up the cake for each of the twenty two laid back ex sailors to enjoy.

Glenys kept those who could hear in continual laughter with her repertoire of jokes and Joan took AJ at his word when he said no food should be left and surrounded him with the residual offerings! No sailing – but a good time was had by all!

Congratulations to AJ & Sue on taking first place on PH from Joan & Jack. And to absentees Mike & Eric for winning of FH.

Final results PH FH