Fleet Challenge C

The final Fleet Challenge of 2014 commenced on Saturday with a light but sailable Northerly wind, 12 boats took part in the first race a decision was made to run it as a mass start with results calculated on personal handicap, despite been advertised as a pursuit series.

Robin Dawson and daughter Amber led the fleet in a RS 200 from start to finish. Mike Moore and Kayla Sheard in a Flying Fifteen recovered from a poor beat to mark 2 to overtake Tim Knowles and Martin Statter also in a Flying Fifteen to finish second.

When results we calculated the Wayfarer of Chris Lloyd and David Ferguson took overall honours followed by David Haselden in his Solo and Jonathan Anson in a Laser.

The 2nd race saw a wind shift just after the start which meant the first beat became a fetch for many. Mike and Kayla lead the fleet with Tim and Martin 2nd. After the results were calculated Chris and David were again victorious to lead the series overnight. Mike & Kayla finished 2nd and Jonathan had another 3rd to lie 2nd overall. Mik Chappell in his Mirror is lying 3rd overall despite hitting the last mark and having to do a penalty turn.

Sunday started as another glorious morning, though wind was light, and somewhat variable. The tell tale Bothel turbines were suggesting a northerly direction, but the signs and direction at lake level were not following suit. It was to be day when whatever OD Mike wanted and expected would be thwarted by the wind.

Due to the light airs, Mike was in a benevolent mood and delayed the first race start by a whole 7 mins, not that it was enough time for all to get to the line. Kayla was racing her Laser, and out in plenty of time, but got caught in a hole and ended up taking 3 mins to cross the start! The wind was very variable throughout, and some boats had to beat, for a short while at least, on the first two legs. On a personal handicap basis, Ian Hall was 1st 2mins ahead of Joan/Jack in their GP.

Again the wind teased Mike by coming from the West while he set the course for the 2nd race, only to generally settle from the North. Sazzle struggled to get her head round the course, reading 0B5 y/z as 05B x/y! The shifting wind suited her ‘course’ better than Mike’s! Kayla surprised herself, and the leaders, by twice getting into the lead for a while. Such a fine performance gave Kayla a deserved 1st place just 15 secs ahead of AJ/Sue

For the 3rd and final race of the day, Mike relied on the wind holding from the North. Although the fleet had to beat at the top of the windward leg, gusts from the West meant there was even more fetching to contend with. AJ/Sue won on handicap 45 secs ahead of Harry in a Laser Radial.

In the final out turn it was Mik in his Mirror that won overall, 3pts ahead of Hazel/Izzie in a RS Feva

Final results