Night Jar 16

This one was held in very light airs. Many crews felt sure it would be cancelled and didn’t bother to rig. But the OD found just enough of a breeze near the Armathwaite shore. It was northerly so the course was a gentle beat from A to B, a drift inshore to 3 and a slow run on the return to A. Seven boats made the delayed start – well, some of them were a little late, but at least they crossed the line.

Joan & Jack led on the outward legs and then made some shrewd light weather moves, firstly by reaching away from the lee shore and with it the flat water, and then by placing the crew on the foredeck behind the sail, the helm balancing at the shroud and the transom clear of the water. They built up a good lead and, by mutual agreement, were finished after one 20 minute lap.

There was a close contest between Peter & Neil in an Enterprise and AJ & Sue in their GP. It looked like a build up to Southport! Sue tried flying the kite but, when it refused to fill, she dropped it and was accused of rocking – or was it ooching! They reached the finishing line in second place but with the Ent close astern.

Further back, Harry was also benefiting from having David on the foredeck of his Topper. He was next to finish ahead of a mixture of boats. Hazel was in a Feva with Izzie as crew, Lottie in the family Radial and Rosie in her Topper.

All either sailed, paddled or were towed back to the Club where another excellent meal was served.

FH results were the same as the positions on the water except that Peter was classified ahead of AJ and Rosie ahead of Lottie. On PH it was Joan & Jack taking the win with Peter again coming an excellent second. Neil reckoned he was giving Peter on the water training but, with the wind as it was, it was not thought that he contributed much to the result!

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