Belated Bank Holiday Weekend Series

Despite a forecast with 30mph gusts, 15 boats took to the water and enjoyed some exciting racing in gusty, and shifty, conditions for the start of another weekend series.

Simon/Jon led the way in the F15s in both races, with Ian/Lezli-Ann keeping Mike/Kayla at bay in the first race and vice versa in the second.

Similarly Dave/Lynn won both GP races. AJ/Sue recovered from a prolonged capsize on the first beat of the first race and sailed on to finish 2nd. Val/Ken were Dave’s only competition in the 2nd race.

Robbie D/Izzie took two wins in the Handicap fleet with Alistair Richards 2nd in his Laser and Trevor 3rd in his Dart in each race.

As forecast, Sunday’s winds were significantly lighter, and although the day was sunnier there was no sea breeze to pep things up through the afternoon.

The wind direction backed a little after the line was set for the morning race and, surprisingly, did not veer back again. However, conditions throughout the course continued to be shifty. Dave/Lynn and Simon/Jon bagged another win strengthening their leads, while Ian Hall in his Solo beat Robbie D/Izzie, and Mik beat Pam in the Mirrors/Toppers.

Gary/Lottie in a F15 seemed to have a personal battle with AJ/Peter (Lottie’s dad) and fought hard to stay ahead (Sorry I can’t remember if they succeeded!)

After lunch a further two races were scheduled. The F15s continued their over eager starting and Neil/Judith were recalled, while Mike/Kayla’s conscience got the better of them and they started to return too! Although this did Mike no favours, he did work his way back up the fleet to win, but Simon couldn’t be beaten and didn’t sail the final race in which Neil/Judith claimed their first win of the weekend.

Joan/Jack took an early lead in their GP, but Dave worked to gain another win, and the series trophy. Val/Ken won the final race.

In the Mirrors, Pam led both afternoon races but Mik managed to take the lead for the final race and win the series. Hazel secured two 3rds to finish on equal points with Jenny, but the tie was split in Hazel’s favour, and she finished 3rd overall.

Although Robbie D had to make do with a day of 2nds, when combined with his 1sts from Saturday, he had a clear overall lead ahead of Alastair in a Laser.

Final results