Night Jar 3

This time we had wind! A constant force 4 Easterly. Alex set a course from 0 of B-1-0 which was deliberately short so he put up 6 laps. What he didn’t reckon on was the speed of the Musto Skiff and lap times of 5 mins! Luckily Val and Izzie were on the Bates to ensure lap recording was accurate.

When we had disentangled the port end mark we had a clean start for the somewhat depleted fleet. AJ and Sue had a good starboard end start and were second to John’s Skiff around B but Sue didn’t fly the kite on the next beam reach and Jim’s Supernova and Tony’s Solo got through, positions on the water which they held to the end.

Considering the wind strength, competitors handled the conditions well although Steve Peck / Simon Smith in the L2000 couldn’t stow the kite at 0 and continued half way to 9 before tacking for the line on lap 2.

Safety crews, of which there were several, were having an easy night until John Roberts’ Pico capsized just before the final mark. He righted it but turtled again just after crossing the line!

Peter and Karen had elected not to sail so that the meal was done to a tee when crews came ashore. Results were rapidly published but your scribe had some reservations about them so see the amended ones as checked by the Sailing Secretary.

Latest result FH PH