Night Jar 6 , Summer eventually arrived and the Wind disappeared.

Not much to say about this one except At least we got a race in! With 21 boats on the water on a pleasant sunny evening it seemed a shame to abandon.

When the Bates went out there was a glimmer of hope. Start around A and then 0-B-A maybe? After asking a number of competitors where the wind was coming from it was decided to start at 0 and go A-B-O. But then B was removed and an asymmetric course was posted – but with the run first and a beat back!

 After twenty minutes the postponement flag was lowered and all duly headed down wind. What wind?! Most of the boats with kites managed to get them – sort of – flying for a while. Most headed directly towards A but a few had noticed some disturbed water between B and A so headed left. It turned out to be a good move and a small group of Geeps and Lasers plus Toggle / Joan in their 200 gained from it.

 Mike Fairlamb & Eric Smith rounded first and pulled out a lead on the water from Tony King. Eric Guillois / Chris Brookes were sailing their FF really well in the light airs and were pulling the lead boats in up the beat. The Solos of David Haselden and Richard Broughton were also in contention. Mike & Eric finished first on the water and took the FH win from David, Eric & Chris and Richard.

 On PH Richard was classified first ahead of Mike & Eric, Tony King, David and then Eric & Chris. That meant that there were four different types of boat in the top five positions.

 After six rounds we have had no less than forty helms entering the Night Jar series. What that number will be after the sixteenth and final round is anyone’s guess!