Weekend Racing

After a changeable week weatherwise for the Whit half term there was a great turnout, especially in the slow handicap fleet. Various Flying 15s were competing in the Northern championship being held at Windermere so Chris/Julie sailed in the handicap fleet.

Although the wind was not too strong on Saturday, there were massive wind shifts for sailors to contend with resulting in numerous capsizes, particularly, but not only, in the single handers, and some mixed fortunes positionwise.

Mik recalled that he was not sailing to his best (a more polite version of his description of his efforts!) and gave substantial distance away by heading for the wrong mark. Joan/Jack had similar issues after sailing a fantastic first beat only to finish 3rd in the first race, which was won by Val/Ken, after getting intermingled with other boats. They got their act fully together in the 2nd race and maintained their lead through to the finish.

All in all a good days racing.

The forecast for Sunday must have put many people off with the expectation of persistant rain. The two GPs led the campaign to not bother with the morning race but have an early afternoon pennant race, however, Harry’s interest in racing urged the OD to get racing underway, albeit a little later than scheduled. The two GPs of Val/Ken and Alan/Sue were on the line in time, as were Jim/Poppy and Izzy. When Harry/Josh reached the line in a Mirror he innocently asked ‘have we started’ with the other boats some minutes up the beat!

Late in the race a squall came through, along with pleading by Ken and Val for the S flag to be raised. Their wish was granted, but conditions were too much for Izzy who suffered a couple of capsizes before retiring. Harry retired after receiving assistance following a drooping mainsail, leaving Jim/Poppy to battle with the shifts to stay upright and finish.

For the afternoon race there were only two takers – Harry in his Aero, and Alan/Sue in their GP. An early squall had both boats upside down before the start, and opting for shore leave even before racing was underway. Harry was toying with death rolls on the beat on the return ashore (perhaps deliberately, or possibly due to the gusty conditions) which he seemed to beam all the way through.

So apart from some muddy sails, and dinted pride from a chipped tooth (nothing to do with the sailing), no harm was done, and all went home happy.

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