Night Jar 5 – still chilly for late May!!

The fifth round of the Night Jar took place in a medium strength westerly wind. The forecast squalls went to the North and the South of Dubwath Bay but it was again chilly for late May.

The course was 0-B-A-3-4 so there were a few gybe marks to contend with.

The fourteen boats had a longer line this time and most went for a port end start. Alex & Olivia again led in their 200 followed by a gaggle of GP’s and Neil’s Radial. Val & Ken, as well as being the evenings chefs, were giving Mike with usual rival Dave as crew and then came Joan & Jack in close company with AJ & Sue. All were enjoying the planning kite reach across from A to 3 and the slightly broader leg up to 4.

Peter Winfindale pulled out on the first lap and Jack & Joan on the second when they touched a mark. Izzie spectacularly fell out of her Topper when she missed the toe strap during a tack. Meanwhile, Harry was teaching Josh Hunter the art of helming in one of the Club’s Mirrors.

The lead boats went on to complete three laps but Toppers and other boats with high PY Handicaps were finished after two. These included newcomer Sol White who is consistently sailing the Pico well above its handicap. 

A wind shift to the south gave an interesting finishing line and time was gained by strategic tacking between 4 and YZ. 

On the water, the first finisher was the 200 followed by Mike & Dave closely followed by Val & Ken who had been challenging all evening. This was the order on FH but nobody had foreseen a mega two lap performance by Hazel who took the win on PH ahead of Alex & Olivia with Sol’s Pico next up.