Night Jar Double for the Hardies

Mik Chappell is on his holidays in Scotland and the nominated OD, John Crosbie, is somewhere in mid Atlantic so Andy Sugden stepped in as OD and did an excellent job. He was assisted by Mike Hunter and Neil Garrison on rescue as the regular crew are on the back of a recovery vehicle somewhere in Italy.

The 26 competitors were met with a gentle westerly breeze and a beat from A to O was followed with a broad reach to 3 and a close reach back to A to complete the triangle. John Reekie in his Skiff lead the fleet and was the only competitor to do 4 laps, Joan and Jack Hardie remained ahead of the rest and won both the fleet and personal handicap races. Richard Broughton in his Solo came second on personal handicap followed by Mike and Eric in their GP14. John Reekie come third on fleet handicap with Mike and Eric second. Alan and Sue still lead the personal handicap series but only by one point, they also produced a fabulous meal for the sailors after the race.

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