October is Here

You can almost tell it’s October by the high lake level following recent heavy rainfall. Be aware that with any further significant rain that boats on the foreshore will be at risk from flooding.

When sailors arrived the lake was mirror like, but there were occasional flurries albeit from the wrong direction! The OD was happy to wait ashore and have a brew, but many of the sailors rigged their boats, and even went afloat. It was the hoisting of the answering pennant to postpone the start that seemed to generate slightly more sailable conditions, so the OD was soon on the water to set a course for the first race in the October Series.

Despite a very starboard biased start line which had everyone aiming for the committee boat end, there were several great starts, especially by Tony King. Fortunately the wind held, with the odd light patch, for the rest of the afternoon. A true line for the 2nd start and there was no-one near the line!

Joan/Jack mastered the conditions in their recently acquired GP, winning the first race, and finishing 2nd to Peter Whipp in the second race, to take overnight lead. Jim in his Hartley is 2nd with a 4th and 3rd, ahead of Ian in his Solo with a 3rd and 4th.

The forecast for Sunday was for even less wind! As sailors arrived, unexpectedly there was a gentle southerly, though the shadow of Sale Fell was expanding from the west…

The committee boat did go to set a course, and various zephyrs enabled the fleet to reach a start area, before the wind totally disappeared. An early lunch was called for… With no sign of the wind returning during the lunch break many packed away their boats. With most sailors gone, and the rescue boats packed away, the wind filled in from the west about 2.30. Hey ho….

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