Old Habits Live On

20140425-191758.jpgNote from Pete Nuttall

One of the things that has survived the move to Chipping Norton is the Easter tradition of the egg dump.

Both Chris and Andrew and family were with us on Easter Sunday with children and my brothers family happily made 16.

I remembered that Ken Bell had told me that it would be easy to win the egg dump. All you had to do was bring your own “ringer” a free range egg which would have a stronger, thicker shell.

So off I went to Tesco to buy some cage eggs and up the road to buy some eggs from a guy in the village. The draw was rigged so all the children had free range eggs and all the grown ups cage eggs.

And the result – my 30 yr old niece won with a cage egg and there were tears !!


And just to show we’re still sailing, a week on Monday Toni & I are off for a 9 day sail in the Azores